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Opentrons User Interview With Brian Sørensen And Henrik Jensen Of Instrument Developer Fidabio

Fidabio creates devices to analyze protein interactions for biologic drug development using the OT-2 and the Opentrons Python Protocol API. Here’s how. Brian Sørensen is the CEO of Fidabio. Henrik Jensen is the CSO. Fidabio creates devices to analyze protein interactions for biologic drug development. They use… Read More

Opentrons User Interview With Carlos Goller Of North Carolina State University

Carlos Goller teaches biotechnology and molecular biology lab classes at North Carolina State University using a slate of Opentrons tools including the OT-2, open-source API, Magnetic Module, and Thermocycler. Carlos C. Goller, an associate teaching professor at North Carolina State University (NCSU) teaches biotechnology… Read More

How Sebastian Eggert Got His Ph.D. In Lab Automation With Opentrons

Sebastian Eggert of Queensland University of Technology got his PhD in lab automation using his tissue engineering lab’s Opentrons OT-1 robot. Here’s how. Be careful the next time you open a package that you’ve ordered online; under all that packaging, you just might find compelling inspiration for your PhD. That’s… Read More

Opentrons User Interview With Oscar Swindley Of University Of Sheffield

Oscar Swindley works on monoclonal antibody folding and assembly at the University of Sheffield. To do that he runs titer assays for cell culture development — using an Opentrons OT-2 pipetting robot. Oscar Swindley is a final year PhD student at the Department of… Read More

OpenCell Partners With King’s College And Opentrons To Create Affordable Shipping Container COVID-19 Testing Lab

Scientists from OpenCell and King’s College London have developed a low-cost rapidly deployable shipping container COVID-19 testing lab with Opentrons. Scientists from and King’s College London, in partnership with Opentrons Labworks, have developed a low-cost rapidly deployable COVID-19 testing lab inside a shipping container… Read More

7 Life Science Companies Creating COVID-19 Solutions

Global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been quick, widespread, and encouraging. Here are 7 standout responses created by Opentrons customers. Global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has been quick, widespread, and encouraging. Life science companies have been sharing data, information, resources, protocols, and even reagents in the spirit of… Read More

How Zymo Research Is Helping Labs Detect Coronavirus

Zymo Research provides biomedical tools and services to researchers working on coronavirus detection – including support for Opentrons customers. Zymo Research partnered with Opentrons to create an affordable COVID-19 testing platform. Learn more by reading the press release. Zymo Research provides biomedical tools and… Read More

Hospital Clinic Of Barcelona Uses Opentrons To Scale COVID-19 Testing

The Biomedical Diagnostic Center at the Hospital Clinic of Barcelona is using an Opentrons OT-2 robot to process 2,400 COVID-19 test samples daily. This story was initially published in Spanish on Clinic Barcelona. The following post has been translated and edited for an English-reading audience. The Biomedical… Read More

How OpenCell Scaled Up COVID-19 Testing

OpenCell rapidly scaled high throughput testing facilities across the UK to process up to 10,000 COVID-19 tests per day. OpenCell provides early stage biotech startups in London with affordable lab space — but right now, they’re targeting COVID-19. Ever since the novel coronavirus COVID-19 was detected in… Read More

Opentrons User Interview With Adam Ericsen Of Emory University

Adam Ericsen researches HIV host-virus interactions using fully automated genotyping, microbial sequencing and immunological assays. Here’s how. Adam Ericsen is an Assistant Professor and the Assistant Director of the Genomics Core lab at Emory University’s Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Ericsen’s research program focuses… Read More