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Introduction to the Opentrons Flex

The Opentrons Flex is a new generation of affordable and easy-to-program liquid-handling lab robot designed to bring advanced lab automation…


Opentrons Protocol Designer: How to Write a Protocol

A step-by-step instructional video on how to write a basic protocol for your Opentrons Robot in Protocol Designer.


Opentrons Flex Heater-Shaker Module Installation

The Opentrons Heater-Shaker Module provides on-deck heating and orbital shaking. The module can be heated to 95 degrees Celsius, and…


Opentrons Flex Thermocycler Module Installation

The Thermocycler module is a fully automated on-deck thermocycler, providing hands-free PCR in a 96-well plate format.


Opentrons Flex Calibration Probe Installation

The Opentrons Flex has an automated calibration system that uses sensors on the deck of the Flex and a metallic…


Opentrons Flex Temperature Module Installation

The Temperature module is hot and cold plate device that can hold reagents at any temperature from 4 degrees celsius…
Magnetic Block


Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block One Sheeter

The Opentrons Flex Magnetic Block is essential for any type of bead based chemistry on the Opentrons Flex. It is…

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Our warranty

This article outlines the terms and conditions of the Opentrons warranty and provides answers to frequently asked questions.

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