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  • Sample Prep
  • PCR
  • Nucleic Acid Extraction + Purification
  • NGS Library Prep
  • Protein Prep
  • DNA Assembly
  • Cell Prep
  • EUA Diagnostics
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Sample Preparation


Compound Serial Dilution

Microplate Filling


Plate Mapping

Sample Aliquoting

Serial Dilution

Tube Filling


Master Mix Prep

PCR Amplification

PCR Cleanup

PCR Prep (no amplification)

qPCR Prep (no amplification)

Nucleic Acid Extraction + Purification

NGS Cleanup and Size Selection


Nucleic Acid Extraction Workstation

Nucleic Acid Extraction

Nucleic Acid Purification

Plasmid Purification

NGS Library Prep

Fully Automated Library Prep (With amplification)


NGS Library Prep Workstation

Semi-automated Library Prep (No amplification)

Protein Prep

Bradford Assay

MALDI Plate Spotting

Protein Crystallization Screens

DNA Assembly

BASIC Assembly

MoClo Assembly

Golden Gate Assembly

Cell Prep

Agar Plate Spotting

Cell Seeding

Cell Splitting

Cytotoxicity Screens

Media Exchange


EUA Diagnostics

COVID-19 Diagnostics